Partial List of Endorsements for Wendy Bucknum for Mission Viejo City Council

Congresswoman Mimi Walters

California Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey
California State Senator Patricia Bates
Former California State Senator Dick Ackerman
Former California State Senator/Retired Superior Court Judge Larry Stirling
California State Assemblyman Bill Brough

Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlet
Former Orange County Supervisor Tom Wilson

Mission Viejo Mayor Ed Sachs
Mission Viejo Councilwoman and Former Mayor Trish Kelly
Mission Viejo Councilmember Brian Goodell
Former Mission Viejo Mayor Sherri Butterfield
Former Mission Viejo Mayor Sharon Cody
Former Mission Viejo Mayor Dave Leckness
Former Mission Viejo Mayor Frank Ury
Former Mission Viejo Mayor Susan Withrow
Former Mission Viejo Councilmember and Commissioner Robert Breton
Mission Viejo Commissioner Nazanin Altountash
Mission Viejo Commissioner Kathy Miramontes, Former HOA Board Member

Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray
Former Fullerton Mayor and Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald
Irvine Mayor Don Wagner
Laguna Hills Mayor Don Sedgwick
Former Laguna Hills Mayor Melody Carruth
Former Laguna Hills Mayor Barbara Kogerman
Former Laguna Niguel Mayor Laurie Davies
Former Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche
Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor Mike Vaughn
Former Rancho Santa Margaraita Councilmember Jim Thor

John and Carolyn Ben, Founders of Mission Viejo Cityhood
Anna T. Boyce, Mission Viejo Resident Volunteer Senior Advocate
Patty Godbe, Past Board Member Mission Viejo Nadadores
Ruby Hunter, Mission Viejo Nadadore Parent Volunteer
Larry Maurer, Mission Viejo Resident Volunteer
Jim Montrella – Olympic Swim Coach, Mission Viejo Nadadores Board Member
Annie Nelson, Mission Viejo Resident, Community Volunteer on Veterans Issues
Dennis O’Connor, Board Member Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce, Mission Viejo Rotary, Orange County Associaion of Realtors
Harvey Oman, Mission Viejo Elks member, The “Voice” of Diablos Football
Curt Stanley, Owner The Stanley Group, Chamber of Commerce Community Leader
Randy and Pam Smith, Mission Viejo Activities Community Volunteers
Helen Worken – Mission Viejo Volunteer, Heritage Committee

California Women’s Leadership PAC

Maria Elena Banks – President Orange County Association of Realtors
Steve Tinnelly, Tinnelly Law Group
Ramona Acosta, Tinnelly Law Group
Patricia Wenskunas, Founder CEO Crime Survivors Inc., OC Crime Stoppers
Mary Young, Long Time Orange County Volunteer